Amber Feels Like A Mother To These 3 Younger Idols

Amber has been spending time with some younger idols and she now considers herself a mom to these three youngsters!

She recently took a fun selfie with the three young idols. In the caption, she affectionately labeled the three girls her daughters.

The three idols are Dani, born in 1999, Shannon, born in 1998, and Tia, born in 1997. Amber was born in 1992 and turned 24 this year. On her social media accounts, Amber has shared the various times she hung out with them.

Here is a snippet from Amber’s Snapchat of her eating and hanging out with Tia and Dani.

Shannon is a solo artist with MBK Entertainment. Earlier this year, a relationship rumor involving her and BTS’s Jimin spread over social media. Tia debuted with the group Chocolat, a group known for their mixed-race members. Dani is also under MBK Entertainment and was one of the contestants on the show Produce 101.

Amber, make sure to take good care of your daughters!