Amber Fires Back At Haters’ Inappropriate Sexual Harassment Comments

Amber responded in the best way possible to a YouTube hate comment questioning her self-expression as a woman.

“oh my gad AMBER where is your chest”

– YouTube Hate Comment

“Huh. Good question. I think I should start looking for that. I think I’ve been like… putting that off for too long. So umm… yeah… let’s go then.”

– f(x) Amber

After searching around a bit, but unable to find this mysterious symbol of feminity the commenter felt entitled to see, she tried a few other options (and shut down a few other haters).

“Imagine being from one of the best selling K-Pop groups to become a cringey YouTuber.”

– YouTube Hate Comment #2

“Well, you don’t need to imagine. You’re living it. Are you cringing? Cringe.”

– f(x) Amber

Other possible options for chest replacement from a special behind the scenes video included…


…. and weeds.

In the end, though… the sarcastic search continues, and Amber continues to slay exactly who she wants to be.

Watch her crush the satire game with both of her Vlogs below!