“Amor Fati” Singer Kim Yeonja Credits EXO-L For The Song’s Huge Success

EXO-Ls can make anything possible

Many K-pop fans should be familiar with Kim Yeonja‘s Amor Fati thanks to the final commemorative stage of 2018 KBS’s Song Festival.

The song was originally released in 2013 but began to receive popularity in 2017 and it is still going strong.

Kim Yeonja explained the producer of KBS’s Open Concert asked her to perform “Amor Fati” on stage back in 2016. She hasn’t performed the song for over 4 years so she refused the request at first, but she eventually caved since the producer was adamant about the decision.

When she was asked about the story behind the song gaining popularity 4 years after the release, Kim Yeonja answered,

“I got on stage right after EXO and as I was singing “Amor Fati”, EXO fans who were at the location really enjoyed the song. They began sharing my song on social media and asked people to just listen to 40 seconds of ‘Amor Fati’. The rest is history.”

She expressed her gratitude to EXO-Ls saying, “They changed my life. I’m forever grateful.”

You can watch the original performance here:


Source: YTN