An Interview With The Most Famous 4 Year Old VIP In The World

The adorable 4-year-old V.I.P reveals the reason why she loves BIGBANG and who her favorite member is!

Last month, a little BIGBANG fan named Alice went viral after her aunt uploaded a clip of her visiting the YG Entertainment building and asking if BIGBANG was home.

According to fans, Taeyang actually saw a copy of the video and had liked it on Instagram. However, since the account that reposted the video took photos without credit from Alice’s mother, they deleted all their content.

Recently, Alice asked about BIGBANG at the YG building once again.

The security guard, who recognized Alice from last time, already knew what she was going to ask when he saw her approaching and told her that “BIGBANG is not here.”

In disappointment, she continued walking to her aunt’s house while saying that she wished she could live in BIGBANG’s house. At the house, her uncle interviewed her about her love for BIGBANG.

When asked about why she liked BIGBANG, Alice replied saying that it was because of their hair, shape and that they’re her Oppas. She also picked G-Dragon as her Oppa.

Alice then watched a live performance of “If You” and remembering how much she enjoyed their concert that she attended 2 years ago and how she would love to go again one day.

Take a look at the full video of Alice fangirling about BIGBANG below!