Another Rookie Idol Is Getting Famous After Her Sexy Fancam Went Viral

Her hot body and sexy dance moves are going viral, thanks to a fan!

Pocket Girls Habin is receiving growing interest as her sexy fancam from the Incheon International Half Marathon performance went viral!

Pocket Girls, a girl group consisting of racing model members, debuted in 2015. Since then the group has went through a lot of member changes, until they have settled to three members in December of 2017.


In the fancam, Habin appears in a denim jacket outfit. She introduces herself to the fans who are at the marathon event.


After a couple performances, Habin says it’s hot and asks if it will be okay to take off the jacket.


She then removes her outerwear and reveals her super sexy black outfit that drove the fans wild!


Habin continues to perform the group’s latest single, “Oppa is Trash” while showing off her amazing shape!


This fancam went viral because of her glamorous body and awesome dance moves.


But Habin has always had a number of sexy fancams, especially after the group began promoting the new track since October 2017.


Watch the full fancam here:


And listen to the Pocket Girls’ full track here:

Source: Dispatch