AOA Hyejeong Introduces 3 Spring Fashion Outfits You Need To Try

Hyejeong gave a look into the perfect springtime fashion with these three unique looks.

As spring slowly approaches, AOA Hyejeong shared her fashion expertise and revealed three distinct outfits that anyone could rock this season. While revealing the fabulous outfits that she had prepared, Hyejeong also disclosed some tips in coordinating outfits and buying clothes.

The AOA member shared that she does research online before purchasing items. She looks carefully at the price and design of the clothing, takes pictures of the model that wore such outfit, and then remembers what style of clothing she wishes to purchase before buying the item, to make her shopping process much smoother.

Hyejeong also uncovered that her secret to looking good is to prioritize comfort over beauty. After many situations in which she faced regret, Hyejeong realized that even pretty clothes must be comfortable, or else they are not worth purchasing.

Check out these amazing Korean fashion outfits that Hyejeong coordinated!

Strong and Sexy

By wearing sneakers, Hyejeong’s long legs stand out and give her the force of a model. According to Hyejeong, this outfit is perfect for looking sexy and comfortable while meeting with a friend.

Hyejeong’s first outfit is a casual look with force to exude a rocker chick vibe.

She puts together a leather jacket, oversized white shirt, ripped denim shorts, a beanie, sneakers, and a few simple accessories.

Despite the outfit being bold and strong, Hyejeong is still a cutie!

Hyejeong looks fantastic in street wear.

Lovely Date Look

This refreshing date-look recommended by Hyejeong is perfect for a date beneath the cherry blossoms. This outfit is also perfect for a picnic or brunch with friends outdoors.

This lovely detailed outfit is perfect for a spring date!

Hyejeong coordinates a pleated layered navy skirt, graphic tee, denim jacket, and a bright yellow purse.

Her paisley scarf completes the outfit!

Wouldn’t you like to go on a date with Hyejeong?

Vintage Chic

Hyejeong poses confidently in her stylish throwback outfit that is appropriate for work too!

This vintage look brings back the memories, while still incorporating some modern elements.

The outfit is comprised of a gingham patterned blazer, bell bottom black trousers, white graphic tee, brown sling purse, and chic white mules.

The folded sleeves make the outfit look complete.

Will you try this outfit out?

Hyejeong revealed in the interview that although she had no interest in fashion during high school, she gradually became interested and studied fashion naturally as it became a crucial part of her job. The singer mentioned that her long legs are a big advantage in looking good in clothing, and that street fashion is her favorite style.

The AOA member also disclosed that she is to join the Saturday Night Live Season 9 cast, and wishes for fans to look forward to her appearance on the show.

Source: Dispatch