AOA’s Jimin Reveals the Ridiculous Gifts She Exchanged With Seolhyun Last Christmas

The gifts couldn’t be any more useless.

AOA‘s Jimin recently appeared on MBC’s Unnie’s Salon and expressed that she wanted to celebrate her last Christmas in her 20s with a bang.

She started off by sharing that she’s not the type to party and what kind of Christmas she had last year as a result.

I’ve never dressed up and went to a party before. I don’t know anything about the party culture. So last year, Seolhyun and I decided to exchange ridiculous presents.

– Jimin

Jimin continued and revealed what she got for Seolhyun that was totally outrageous and useless.

I got Seolhyun tanning oil. She has darker skin, so she never goes tanning, so that’s what I gave her.

– Jimin

And what Seolhyun got for Jimin was just as useless, making everyone burst into laughter.

Seolhyun got me a kit to decorate my license plate. But I don’t have a car. It was totally useless.

– Seolhyun

Considering how hilarious it turned out for Jimin and Seolhyun, this ritual could be a good idea for anyone looking for a big laugh this Christmas.

Source: Dispatch