AOA’s Seolhyun Is Ready To Shoot At Your Heart In These Fansign Photos

Ready, aim, shoot!

At a recent AOA fansign, fans were left stunned at how gorgeous Seolhyun looked as she wielded a fake gun.

The idol was spotted in a striped blue blazer, slacks, and boots, reminding fans of an old Western Hollywood movie. Rocking circle lenses and wielding the toy gun, fans think she looks both fierce and adorable.

It seems the idol herself couldn’t get enough of the gun, as she’s spotted holding on to it for quite a while. Even when she was seated and talking to fans, she would still point the gun at people in the crowd and act tough, which fans only found adorable and cool!

With these photos, people believe Seolhyun could match well with a badass movie or drama role. People hope to see Seolhyun take on more robust roles since it seems she inclines it herself!

She’s like a beautiful female warrior.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann