AOA Spotted Rehearsing In Casual Clothes And They Look Even Sexier

These photos prove that even in casual, everyday clothes, the girls from AOA still look incredible.

AOA are currently preparing for their first solo concert in Korea, titled Ace of Angels, so the group is hard at work making sure that everything is perfect for their big show on March 11.

Recently, photos of one of the group’s practice sessions have been released and show just how sexy the angels are, even when in casual clothes.

Check out AOA’s gorgeous rehearsal photos below!

Jimin‘s sexy pose is guaranteed to drop jaws.

Choa looks incredible no matter her attire.

Min A‘s refreshing smile shows you can have fun even when working hard.

Chan Mi‘s bright sweater shows you don’t need flashy clothes to look good.

Yuna proves you don’t need tight clothes to look sexy.

Even in baggy clothes, Hye Jeong still steals the show.

The effortless goddess Seolhyun focused on making a perfect show.

AOA are working hard for their first domestic concert!