AOA Will Put You Under A Spell With Their Sexy Magician Outfits

These behind the scenes photos from AOA‘s “Bing Bing” MV will captivate you with their “magical” beauty.

AOA kicked off 2017 with a comeback with their full album Angel’s Knock featuring double title tracks of “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing.” The MV’s both had completely different themes, with “Excuse Me” having a detective theme and “Bing Bing” having a magician theme.

Since the MV’s releases, behind the scenes photos have been making their way around the internet, and fans are in love with how beautiful the members of AOA looked in their detective and magician outfits. Many fans were torn on which look they preferred, but many favored the sexy outfits from the behind the scenes photos for “Bing Bing.”

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos below!


Choa makes a perfect magician with her magic wand. / Source: FNC Entertainment

Seolhyun is ready to jump into the water tank! / Source: FNC Entertainment

Mina posing cutely with a dove and top hat. / Source: FNC Entertainment

Hyejeong still looks excited, even while being strapped to a big spinning wheel. / Source: FNC Entertainment

Chanmi giving the camera a sultry stare while sitting in a floating ring. / Source: FNC Entertainment

Yuna posing in a sexy white dress for her individual shot. / Source: FNC Entertainment

Jimin performing her magic trick for the MV. / Source: FNC Entertainment

Watch the full MV for “Bing Bing” below.