AOA’s Yuna Revealed To Have Worked On Music For TWICE, ITZY, And Apink Under Pen Name

Yuna has been busy working behind the scenes.

AOA‘s Yuna is gaining attention for being talented in more areas than just singing and dancing as a member of her group.


Upon noticing a composer named E.NA, netizens wondered if they were actually the same person as Yuna.

A representative of FNC Entertainment confirmed their theory as true. Yuna has been composing music under the name of E.NA. Here’s how netizens had figured it out.

I checked that Yuna is working under the name E.NA.

There’s a specific code registered under the Korea Music Copyright Association for each person. No matter how many or what names a person uses, everything they’ve worked on musically is registered using that one code. Under Yuna’s, she has five works that she’s participated in composing and writing lyrics for.

She worked on the OSTs for a couple of dramas: Ha Hyun Sang‘s “Becoming The Wind” for Mr. Sunshine and Juniel‘s “The Star” for Catch The Ghost. When addressing why she’d gone with a pen name to work on them, she explained that she didn’t want people to view them with the prejudice of her being an idol.

I wanted many people to listen to the songs I participated in without prejudice.

She also shared what made her start working on composing and writing. Since she gained joy from singing, she became interested in the details of songs. That’s what led her to work with songwriter Athena and to participate in the choruses for TWICE‘s “Heart Shaker”, ITZY‘s “DALLA DALLA”, and Apink‘s “Alright”.

I’m happy when I sing, so I naturally became interested in composing and writing songs.

Who would’ve thought Yuna was working on such famous songs behind the scenes, while also promoting as a member of AOA?

Source: Naver