Apink’s Eunji Makes Concerning Confession That She Suffered From Emotional Instability Last Year

Even her fellow members were worried.

On a recent broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza, Apink‘s Eunji made a worrying confession of the emotional instability she suffered last year while promoting with her fellow members.

On the show, Eunji went from the host to guest in order to promote her new solo album, “Simple.”

‘Simple’ is an album where I poured out my thoughts.

– Eunji

She then went on to open up about the hardships she suffered last year, which was what led her to produce the new album.

I had a lot to think about last year. I was so emotionally unstable and moody that even Park Chorong Unnie and Yoon Bomi were worried about me.

– Eunji

The reason why Eunji named the album “Simple” is simple.

I thought ‘simple’ was the word that I needed in my life. I felt the need to let everything out at one point, and that’s when a friend’s quote, ‘Simple is best’ felt so relatable.

– Eunji

And in order to help others who suffer from the same kind of emotional instability, Eunji aimed to deliver that message through the new album.

To those who have a lot to think about, I tried my best to deliver the advice, ‘Let’s try to be more simple.’

– Eunji

Now that’s a message that everybody can sympathize with.

Here’s hoping Eunji’s doing better now.

Source: Insight