Apink Fan Posts Story of How Eunji Got Soaking Wet in the Rain Trying to Buy Them Umbrellas

“Her bangs and clothes were all soaking wet.”

An Apink fan recently posted a story about how Eunji popped out of her van to hand them some umbrellas, and it might be the sweetest story you’ll hear all day.

According to the fan, they were hiding out in a parking lot during some heavy showers when a van suddenly pulled in.

The person that came out of the van was Eunji, and she handed them umbrellas while saying, “Here, take these.

The fan explained, “Eunji must have run inside to buy umbrellas in the rain. Her bangs and clothes were all soaking wet.

Along with a photo of the umbrellas that Eunji bought for them, the fan added, “Despite being soaking wet, she got out of her fan to hand us the umbrellas and then even rolled down the window afterward to greet us again.

It’s probably safe to say that these fans will cherish those umbrellas for life.

Source: Dispatch