Apink’s Hayoung Breaks down Crying in Eunji’s Arms on KBS’s “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza”

Apink’s Hayoung appeared on her fellow member, Eunji’s radio show as a new solo artist.

Apink‘s Hayoung recently debuted as a solo artist, and she appeared on the radio show of her fellow member, Eunji to share her thoughts on the new beginning.

Regarding the reunion, Eunji confessed, “This feels weird. When we first debuted, we were here as a group as guests, but now I’m the DJ and you’re the solo artist.

In response, Hayoung replied, “I’m very thankful to everyone who gave me this chance. I was only able to come out here like this because Eunji started everything. She’s like our blood and fertilizer.

Among the Apink members, Eunji debuted as a solo artist first, and Hayoung said she received a lot of realistic advice from her.

And following the show, Hayoung was captured crying in front of Eunji while Eunji hugged her and did her best to comfort her.

Ahead of this moment, Hayoung described her love for her fellow members by sharing, “If my fellow members come to the waiting room at my performance, I might cry. The older members in our group always took care of me and acted like my mothers. When I first debuted as a solo artist, I felt like I was going off to get married.

Source: Dispatch