Apink’s Bomi Crashes Car on “We Got Married”

Apink‘s Bomi crashed her simulated car on We Got Married, but luckily her “husband” Choi Tae Joon was there to calm her nerves.

Bomi was at it again with her cute attitude and funny behavior on a recent episode of We Got Married. After practicing for her driving exam with her “husband,” the time finally came for her to take the test. However, it appeared that Bomi’s joking around may have hindered her studying, as she crashed her car in a driving simulation before taking her written exam.

Luckily, Choi Tae Joon was there to comfort (and tease) her about her mistakes. But while he was there to help her buckle her seatbelt, give her directions, and cheer her on, it wasn’t enough to save her from getting into a simulated accident.

Watch some clips from Bomi’s unfortunate simulation experience below:

Her “husband” helped her get ready. 

But she gets off to a rocky start

After a while, she regained some confidence.

However, her confidence made her excited and she soon lost control of the simulation!

The test said she should study more before hitting the streets…

But Choi Tae Joon cheered her on and made her feel better about the accident.

While she might need to practice driving a bit more before hitting the streets of Seoul, Bomi went on to take the written portion of her exam.