APink’s Eunji reveals her ‘weird’ eating habit

Apink‘s Eunji revealed a strange eating habit that surprised the entire studio during the November 19th episode of Baek Jongwon’s Top 3 Chef King.

The main ingredient for the episode was chicken which, it turns out, is one of Eunji’s favorite foods. She loves it so much that she eats one entire fried chicken per day! When the panel didn’t believe her revelation, her fellow group member Hayoung confirmed that she really does eat that much fried chicken. Comedian Kim Jimin added that she saw Eunji ordering and eating chicken in the waiting room just before the show started.

Eunji looks happy just seeing chicken on the screen!

Eunji further clarified that she frequently eats a whole chicken per day instead of having a proper meal. This habit has us all wondering how she maintains her incredible figure. I mean, look at those abs!

A close up of Eunji's abs / Image Source: Credit as tagged
A close up of Eunji’s abs / Image Source: Credit as tagged

Eunji even chooses chicken as her midnight snack as shown in this photo with fellow labelmate Huh Gak.

바다 들으시면서 야식은.치킨.?? ???????????? 각해망 미안…

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Somebody, please give her a chicken endorsement deal!