Apink’s Eunji Shares That She Wants Her Future Boyfriend To Be Like Her Fans

The bar is set high.

Apink‘s Eunji expressed special love for her fans.

In a broadcast on KBS Cool FM‘s Jung Eunji’s Gayo Plaza, Eunji and guest psychiatrist Yang Jae-eun discussed the topic of a “girlfriend-friendly boyfriend” (a boyfriend who is kind). Eunji shared that she gets that kind of vibe from her fans, who always check on her, including an instance where she touched her hips and fans asked if her hips were okay. “I was surprised. I’m always grateful for my fans who pay attention to the details,” she said.

Yang Jae-eun asked what would happen if her future boyfriend isn’t as astute as her fans, to which she replied, “I think that would be lonely. I want my future boyfriend to listen to this program properly.

Eunji’s fans must be happy to know that she appreciates and loves them so much that she holds her future boyfriend to their standard!

Source: kstyle