Apink’s Hayoung Loves This Idol Group So Much She Guessed Their Song In 1 Second

The rest of Apink really love them too!

Apink‘s Hayoung has some major 2pink vibes! Apink was recently on Knowing Brothers and were playing a song guessing game. While SUPER JUNIOR‘s Heechul is known for being an encyclopedia of girl group knowledge he was no match for Hayoung and her love of fellow pink group, BLACKPINK!


Within a single second of the song being played, Hayoung was able to identify BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last”.


Her answer was so fast that everyone was left in shock that she was able to identify it that quickly!


But it turns out that Hayoung isn’t the only BLACKPINK stan in her group! The other members knew every single dance move too!


As the song continued to play the girls danced happily to the song while Hayoung sang along to the lyrics!


Meanwhile, the Knowing Brothers were a little disappointed that they didn’t get to show off their own moves, so the song was restarted just for them!


Looks like BLACKPINK has some major fans on Knowing Brothers and in Apink too!


Check out the full clip of Hayoung showing her 2pink love below!