Apink’s Hayoung Had A PUBG Themed Fanmeet For Her Birthday

She brought her love for PUBG to life.

Apink’s maknae and gamer Oh Hayoung has recently completed her first solo birthday fanmeet!

On July 20, Hayoung met with fans for her fanmeet “HABBANGROUNDS” at the Seoul Olympics Hall. She greeted fans wearing a military uniform and received much love and praise for her dedication to the theme.

There, she saw songs by Apink and reflected about her nine-years as an idol, looking back at her past activities and the good memories she created with her members. Fans were able to participate in quizzes and games.

When the fanmeet ended, Hayoung delievered her own PUBG themed girls to her fans at the exit of the hall. It has been reported that she handmade everything from the props to the gifts given to the fans! Truly shows her love for the game!

Source: Daum