Apink’s Jung Eunji Eats Her Ramyun In A Strange But Interesting Way That Might Get You To Try It Too

Have you eaten it like this before?

In a previous episode on MMTG’s YouTube channel, Apink appeared as guests as a way to celebrate their comeback with “Dumduhdurum.”

In this particular episode, Jung Eunji revealed her unique way of eating ramyun which shocked many people.

“I heard that Eunji eats her cup noodles…”

“…by dipping the noodles in ice water?”

“Ah yeah I rinse the noodles in water before eating it!”

“We wanted to see how you eat it ….”

(You are seeing Apink looking very excited for the noodles)


“Ah this one is really good…”

“I wonder why ramyun tastes so good?”

“Ok so how are you going to eat it exactly?”

(She dips the noodles in the cup really fast)

(nom nom nom)

(She continues to eat her ramyun like a mukbang)

“You have to dip it in and take it out right away.”

(The host gives it a try)


“It tastes strange…?”

“Really, it’s weird?”

“How about the others give it a try too.”

“I mean it’s ramyun so it should taste good…”

“It tastes like cold buckwheat noodles (it’s good).”

Have you ever tried eating your ramyun like this before?

Watch the full episode below!