Apink’s Naeun Shows Off A Completely New Hair Style For The First Time

Naeun’s long hair is luscious and beautiful — it just might be the quality that edges her to stand out even among the beautiful Apink!

And because of its beauty, her hair’s been the subject of many fans’ love and envy, which led some to ask whether she can pull off a different hair style.

The answer is a definite yes! Naeun recently posted photos of herself with bangs and she is just as, if not more, beautiful.

The bang, though, is most likely fake, since it’s held together by clips — but it was enough to inspire fans and netizens, who loved the new look.

This just might be the ultimate proof that Naeun will look good in pretty much any hairstyle.

Even though she quickly returned to her usual hairstyle, she now has fans wondering if she will actually change her style some time in the near future.

Source: Idol Best