Apink’s Son Naeun Reveals The Secret To Her “Goddess-Like” Beauty

This is how Son Naeun maintains her goddess-like visuals!

Apink was recently invited as a guest to Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show radio program where the members took some time to share their stories.


Among the many questions asked by the radio listeners, one question was directed at Son Naeun and asked about “the secret to becoming a goddess“.


In response, Son Naeun explained that she usually prefers to stay at home and that she only goes out to go to the gym.

“I’m usually the stay-at-home type so working out is my excuse to go out. I hardly leave the house except to go to the gym and since I work out so much, it automatically helps me maintain my appearance.” ㅡ Son Naeun


So the secret to Son Naeun’s “goddess-like” beauty was going to the gym!


And by the looks of photos which reveal her perfect body line, her diligent work-out definitely seems to be the secret to her beauty!


Son Naeun has been seen out on multiple occasions wearing workout clothes and it’s now apparent that this is because she’s usually on her way to a work-out when she’s out and about!


She’s even been given the nickname “Queen of Leggings” due to how amazing she looks in them.


This just goes to prove that even gorgeous idols like Son Naeun, who look like they were probably born that way, invest much effort into making themselves look stunning!

Source: Herald Pop