ARMY Are Sharing Their Ages And Occupations To Prove That Anyone Can Love K-Pop

There is no set age or occupation when it comes to loving K-Pop:

There is no certain age or occupation when it comes to being a K-Pop fan, and ARMY have just demonstrated that in a big way.


Recently, a single tweet set off the discussion of what it truly means to be a K-Pop fan including how age and occupation do not affect a persons’ ability to be a fan.


ARMYs recently took to Twitter revealing that not all fans of K-Pop are “young fans”. In fact, when it comes to loving your favorite artists, age is just a number!


Many ARMY have been sharing their own ages as well as their occupations to prove this fact. Each of their stories is as unique as they are and shows just how much they care about BTS.


It isn’t just through sharing their ages and occupations that ARMYs have shown how much they truly care about K-Pop and BTS. ARMYs have consistently shown the true spirit of BTS’s “Love Yourself” message by helping others. They’ve done everything from adopting wildlife in the name of the BTS members…


To campaigning for water relief efforts on their anniversary!


But it isn’t just ARMYs whose passion for K-Pop goes beyond age and occupation either. Many other K-Pop fans have expressed their love for the whole unique culture of K-Pop from how welcoming fans are…


To why K-Pop has become such a meaningful part of their lives.


And as no two fans have the same age or the same occupation, there’s no doubt that each fan has a very special and heartfelt reason for loving K-Pop as much as their fellow fans!