Army Vet May Move Family To South Korea Over Possible Deportation Of Adopted Daughter

This family is sticking together no matter what.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Schrieber and his wife, Soo Jin, are very worried about their family. They are so worried that they have even considered uprooting themselves from their home in Kansas and building a new life together in South Korea.


Hyebin, the couple’s Korean-immigrant niece, became their daughter in 2014.

Hyebin came to live with the Schriebers in 2012 due to some family issues back in Korea and a year later Patrick and Soo Jin decided to adopt Hyebin.


Unfortunately, the adoption had to be put on hold because Patrick was called for military duty.

Then in 2014, the plans went back into action and the adoption was approved. She later received a birth certificate from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


But while she may be the Schriebers daughter, she may not be safe from deportation. Hyebin was previously covered under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, but due to a technicality, she could be deported next year.

The loophole says that children can only be granted U.S. citizenship if they are adopted before age 16. As Hyebin was officially adopted when she was 17, she was rejected by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and could be broken up from her parents.


Now the Schriebers are questioning the technicality and have taken things to court.


The case is currently waiting for a verdict from the Federal District Court of Kansas and the family is hoping for a positive outcome.

Source: NextShark and Kansas City Star