This Asian-American Girl Was Bullied In School Until She Shut Them Down In The Most Epic Way Ever

She made her bullies think twice about harassing Vietnamese royalty.

A Vietnamese-American woman went viral after revealing how she shut down school bullies in the most epic way: by pretending to be royalty.

In elementary school, Tina says she was bullied for not speaking English well. To stop her tormentors, she brought a photo of herself dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothing to show-and-tell and told her classmates she was royalty.


At age 7, Tina immigrated to New Jersey from Vietnam and didn’t fit into her new home. She felt like an outcast in what she described as a “white, suburban neighborhood”. At school, her classmates would either laugh at her or ignore her.

I would definitely not repeat my childhood if given the chance.

— Tina


After Tina pulled her show and tell stunt, the bullying came to an end.

And I said, I might or might not be from a royal family because I have a very uncommon last name. I read somewhere when I was younger that you get your last name from a royal dynasty that you come from.

— Tina


It turns out, Tina isn’t the only person who has used this tactic to stop harassment. Many other Twitter users replied to her post with their own “royal” childhood photos and stories.


Tina believes that her tweet, and the funny responses to it, point at a serious problem with society.

It was a funny tweet but the responses that I got from it was almost telling us the society that we live in where people really have to brace themselves to face similar issues or harassment. I do believe that this issue goes beyond just individual cases of bullying and that it originates from a deeper societal issue.

— Tina