Time Out Posts Video Comparing Eating Chinese Dumplings to Popping Zits

Asian foodies have expressed their anger after a video showing people eating dumplings completely wrong was posted online.

Time Out London recently posted a video to their facebook page titled, “Try popping these exploding soup dumplings in Chinatown!”, and it has caused enormous controversy online!

The video shows people ‘popping’ their Xiao Long Bao (traditional Chinese dumplings), and squeezing out the soup before eating them.

This is, in line with the majority of the comments on the video, not at all how you are supposed to eat these dumplings. Most people suck out the soup and eat the dumpling all in one go. For many, the best part of the dumpling, in fact, is the soup inside!

The video was captioned “Love popping spots AND eating dumplings? Combine the two with exploding soup dumplings”, which angered people further.

The top comments on the video seem to have come from disgruntled Asians who were furious at what they felt was the besmirching of their culture:

“this video is giving me anxiety because you are definitely NOT supposed to squeeze the soup out of them or “explode” them as you crudely put it. my traditional food is not here just for your next cool trend
— Christina Chan


You’re not supposed to pop the dumplings *Asians screaming everywhere*
— Cristian Tsang

One user gave a lengthy explanation in the form of an analogy:

This is not how you eat soup dumplings. Popping soup dumplings is the equivalent of smearing jam all over your plate/dining table and eating your toast plain, while taking loads of videos where you look like a complete fool. I wasn’t aware that this site would recommend what is essentially wasting food/playing with your food.

— Tan Ee Hsien

Each comment received thousands of likes.

Watch the video that caused mass-outrage below:

After receiving so many complaints, the page actually posted a comment themselves, apologizing to those they had offended and stated that they’d really like for people to educate them so that this doesn’t happen again.

“After our recent video on Chinese dumplings, we’ve been politely informed that bursting these lovely little parcels of culinary joy before they reach your lips really isn’t the done thing at all.

So, first off, apologies to anybody who was peeved by our post. Secondly, we’d like to invite the knowledgeable food-lovers of China and Asia to tell us what traditional delicacies we Londoners should try – and how to eat them properly. We’re an inquisitive bunch at heart you know, and while we don’t always do things the traditional way, we’re always looking to learn.

So please, do us a favour and give us a steer on what to chow on next by adding a comment or two below. We’ll publish the best suggestions. Thank you!”

Looks like they’ve learned their lesson.