ASTRO Choreographer Spills The Origins Of Their Literally Ground-Breaking Choreo

Rocky wasn’t harmed. He was the one breaking the ground 😂

For ASTRO‘s last comeback back in May, they blessed everyone with the graceful yet powerful “Knock” that expressed the determination of them going after their lost love. While filming the music video, it hadn’t been quite as graceful.

| ASTRO아스트로/YouTube

In the middle of filming one of the choreography scenes, Rocky proceeded to do the signature dance move of the track when the floor ended up destroyed, “The stage… The stage is ripped.” Fortunately, he hadn’t been hurt.

The floor was damaged enough that the staff quickly had to come in and replace the parts that needed it most. It was brought to the choreographer’s attention on AYO‘s lastest episode of Comment Defenders.

| ASTRO아스트로/YouTube 

The person behind the dance’s creation was FreeMind‘s Lee Han Sol. He read the comment aloud, “ASTRO’s choreography that broke the glass floor while MV filming,” followed by watching the clip in question, “Broke the floor.” Han Sol then revealed how the literally ground-breaking choreography came to be.

He had to take his creativity to the next level. The first thing that came to mind was how common of an action the title track’s name was, “It’s ‘Knock’… The song is… So, I thought ‘Knock’ is *knock knock* ‘Hey, teacher.’ Usually people knock like this.

Because he didn’t want ASTRO’s choreography to look like anyone else’s, he came up with a different way to make it stand out. Rather than a gentle one-handed knock, Han Sol included a two-handed one that resembled someone banging on a door. “But there are too many similar choreographies already. So we knocked a bit hard. So we hit it hard like this, and ASTRO were strong.

He praised ASTRO for perfectly understanding the vibe of the choreography—so well that their energetic dancing could break the floor. “And they are really good dancers! I was really surprised because they digested the choreography so well.

The combination of Han Sol and ASTRO paid off for how well the “Knock” choreography came to life. It was far from the typical knocking that anyone would’ve expected.

| ASTRO아스트로/YouTube 

See Han Sol react to Rocky breaking the floor with “Knock” and revealing how he came up with the signature move here.