ASTRO’s Eunwoo Becomes 10X Sexier In The Rain And These Pictures Prove It

He looked like the water fairy.

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo is a visual blessing, that’s been known for years. But his beauty becomes extra boosted when it rains.


At his recent performance, Eunwoo became ten times sexier when the rain drenched him and made him glisten.


Dressed in a simple white dress shirt and denim, Eunwoo was already a pleasing sight when he stepped on to the stage.


Once it began raining though, and his hair and shirt started getting wet, Eunwoo was a view that no one could resist.


Soon enough, Eunwoo’s shirt became see through and his amazing physique was revealed. Fans were left completely breathless by this sexy back…


… and a sexier front!


Some fans became concerned with how slippery the stage looked in the rain, but Eunwoo was professional and didn’t mind. He completely embraced the ambience and made it work for him – and fans are in mad love!

Watch Eunwoo charm the audience with the rain adding to his irresistible aura: