ASTRO’s Moonbin Makes A Comeback After His Hiatus

He’s back and fans couldn’t be happier.

ASTRO‘s Moonbin made his comeback after taking a 3-month hiatus due to health concerns.

He appeared in a live broadcast with Sanha, where they held a mukbang and communicated with fans. The broadcast was also timely as Moonbin’s birthday is approaching soon. Sanha personally prepared the food to welcome his hyung back and to give him a little gift just before his birthday.

Arohas were definitely happy and emotional to see Moonbin back after so long!

He also sang the signature opening line of “Blue Flame,” which is one of his lines. This excited fans and made them emotional because it’s the first time they heard him sing the song live since he wasn’t able to join any promotional activities for their most recent comeback.

With all the excitement, Arohas also noticed that the official schedule posted for ASTRO’s upcoming fanmeeting on April didn’t indicate that only 5 out of 6 members will be participating.

Fans were excited because it only meant one thing: that Moonbin will be joining them on stage for the fanmeet.

Although no official announcements were given by Fantagio Entertainment regarding Moonbin’s schedule, Arohas are excited to know that there is a chance that Moonbin will reunite with his members on the stage.