ASTRO’s MJ And LOONA’s Chuu Were Intimidated By Their Sunbaes And Were Too Adorable

They looked adorable!

Many ASTRO and LOONA fans know that MJ and Chuu are part of the cast for YouTube show IQs. There, numerous idols play variety games and interact with people from different groups.

In one of the episodes, MJ and Chuu were up against their sunbaes from Apink, Chorong and Hayoung. They were supposed to have a stare down, to which they were first excited to do. In fact, fans say that MJ and Chuu even looked confident!

But once Chorong and Hayoung gave them their serious death glare, the two ended up becoming nervous and intimidated, laughing and breaking eye contact with their sunbaes!

Chorong and Hayoung too ended up laughing, unable to keep a straight face after seeing their adorable hoobaes. How cute! Check out the moment here:

Source: Instiz