ATEEZ Made Their Official Debut On Billboard’s Social 50 Chart 

And they only debuted 6 months ago!

There’s absolutely no denying that ATEEZ have been crushing it since their debut back in October. They’ve conquered charts, sold out their first world tour in a matter of minutes, and received a lot of attention from their seniors. Now they’ve just accomplished another major achievement.


As of April 20, ATEEZ made their debut on Billboard’s Social 50 chart at no. 49. Billboard reported that in a single week, ATEEZ earned over 129,000 retweets, 64,000 mentions, and 7,000 new followers on Twitter alone!


Billboard’s Social 50 chart ranks an artist’s popularity and presence on social media sights like Twitter and Facebook. While it’s not completely unheard of for rookie groups to make it on the list, it is rare! ATEEZ is one of only a few groups to have ever ranked on the list as a rookie!


To top it off, Billboard is already expecting them to not only become a permanent fixture on the chart but to quickly climb it too! Congratulations ATEEZ!

Source: Billboard