Rookie Boy Group ATEEZ Has Officially Caught The Eye Of Veteran Singer Heo Young Saeng

He has been following the group before they debuted:

Ever since ATEEZ debuted at the end of October, they’ve been absolutely killing it! With only 4 months under their belts as idols, the group already accomplished a lot and all their hard work has caught the attention of a veteran singer!


ATEEZ has certainly proved they’ve got some serious power. All of their music videos have millions of views (their “Say My Name” video has surpassed 14 million views in just 1 month), they’ve sold an impressive amount of their mini-albums, landed on multiple charts, and most recently completely sold out their world tour!


So it may not come as a huge surprise that longtime singer Heo Young Saeng from SS501 mentioned the group in a recent interview! Heo Young Saeng had an interview and photoshoot with BNT not too long ago and besides talking about a possible SS501 comeback, he also had some very kind things to say about ATEEZ.


The idol not only picked ATEEZ as the junior group he has his eyes on, but he also couldn’t help mentioning their amazing talent too.

“I have watched their dance performance videos from even before they debuted and they are very talented.”

— Heo Young Saeng


He’s certainly not wrong either!

Source: xsportsnews