Australian Radio Station Comes Under Fire By Fans For Their Rude Comments About MONSTA X

He didn’t have anything nice to say about MONSTA X.

MONSTA X‘s latest English single “WHO DO U LOVE?” has been distributed for airplay by radio stations internationally, and Australian radio show Trending 20 had some completely unnecessary and very rude things to say about the song and MONSTA X as a group just moments before playing the song.

In a video captured by Twitter user @jh1js the host, Angus O’Loughlin, can be heard comparing them to BTS, who were also the target of racist and xenophobic insults on Australian TV earlier this week. O’Loughlin also asserted that despite collaborating on the song, French Montana didn’t and still doesn’t have any idea who they are.

O’Loughlin stated that if he was a mentor on The Voice he wouldn’t turn his chair around for them, which could be perceived as just his personal opinion, but it was unwarranted and extremely out of place given the fact that he was supposed to be promoting the song.

Monbebe have started the hashtag #ApologizeToMONSTAX on social media to spread awareness of this rude behavior and to prompt the radio host to apologize for his comments.

So far the neither radio station nor the DJ have commented on the ongoing controversy.