B1A4 Nearly Got Caught Goofing Off On Air During Radio Show

B1A4 were guests on a radio broadcast and were caught by surprise when the break ended abruptly.

To promote their comeback, B1A4 recently went on Tei‘s Dreaming Radio on December 6. In radio broadcasts, there’s usually breaks for commercials and songs. These breaks can feel very long and dreadful, but the members of B1A4 figured out how to kill time by playing around.

During one of the breaks, they held onto each other’s rolling chairs and began spinning around in circles.

At first, it started with two members spinning around.

All the members ended up joining in on the fun.

As the broadcast progressed, B1A4 talked about their song, “To My Star,” from their new album Good Timing. For the listeners, Tei proceeded to play the song. As they waited for their song to end, the B1A4 members began having casual conversations with one another. Baro, however, still was full of energy and could be seen gliding around the room with his rolling chair.

Occupied by their thoughts, B1A4 didn’t recognize that their song was coming to a close. When the song ended, all the members had confused looks on their faces and looked around blankly.

Upon realizing that the broadcast was starting again, the members hurried back to their seats. Baro, who was all the way across the room, was seen dashing full speed back to his place while carrying his chair with him.

Feeling flustered for their cute mistake, the B1A4 members apologized to listeners. Everyone in the room had a good laugh about it and the rest of the radio broadcast went smoothly.

Watch the funny clip of B1A4 rushing back to their seats below!