B1A4’s Gongchan Uploaded A Photo Of Himself Levitating

He’s not photoshopped, but he IS in mid-air with a calm look on his face!

Recently, B1A4′s Gongchan uploaded a picture of himself “levitating” in the air with crossed legs during a recent mini-fanmeeting. The post he made was in response to MBC Entertainment‘s post of a fancam of B1A4 performing their newest single, “A Lie”. Gongchan shared the picture with them along with the caption, “Variety lab cam I love it. Gongchanie looks like he’s levitating”. Apparently, Gongchan launched himself off the stools and jumped really high. He somehow managed to grab his legs while in the air, giving the illusion that he’s floating in the pictures taken. Many were amazed by what a powerful a jump it must have been for the 181cm tall idol, as he’s quite a few feet in the air. Others were more amused by the fact that his facial expression showed such tranquility while he was mid-air with cute bunny ears.

Check out the astonishing photos of Gongchan’s jump below!

Looking tranquil – after all, it’s just another fanmeet for Gongchan.
Here’s how his jump looked from afar.

One fan caught the whole thing on video:


Gongchan is currently promoting “A Lie” along with his fellow B1A4 members.