Here’s What Backup Dancers Really Think When They Touch Idols While Dancing On Stage

It’s not what you think.

Some fans may be jealous of backup dancers for being up-close and personal with their biases. Certain moves even have them touching the idol’s shoulders, arms, and backs during a single performance.

Don’t be too fast to assume, however, that backup dancers are conscious of the singers they dance with! If you’ve ever wondered what goes through their heads, professional dancers revealed it all in an episode of AYO‘s Comment Defenders!

Choi So Young (Left) and Jang Hee Yoon (Right) | AYO/YouTube

TV dancer Choi So Young and freelance dancer Jang Hee Yoon, also known as Violet, happily revealed secrets behind their work. One stand-out question asked was, “Backup dancers do a lot of touching with singers on stage. Are they just not thinking of anything because it’s work? I would be nervous if it were me.”

Violet confirmed that she doesn’t fangirl over the celebrities. Rather, she’s nervous she might do something wrong when on stage.

It’s not that…I think, ‘This is work’. I get nervous, I think, ‘I might make a mistake’.

— Violet

Choi So Young further explained that their job is more complex than what people may think. They can only concentrate on their moves while dancing, not anything else.

Singers sing. They need to dance while singing. I get so worried thinking I might trip and fall over, so I get nervous because of that.

— Choi So Young

There’s no time to think about the idols as celebrities since, “The whole performance makes me nervous.” Instead of acting like a fan, backup dancers have to make sure they’re delivering a great stage.

Thinking how to do my face, where to look and such [makes me nervous]. It’s not that I’m not thinking of anything.

— Choi So Young

Backup dancers are professionals, after all! Check out the full interview below!