“Baksu” Joohoney Made An Appearance At MONSTA X’s Concert And Fans Went Wild

Even Hyungwon joined in on the fun.

MONSTA X stopped in Malaysia for their world tour We Are Here. Despite Wonho‘s passport issue, the concert went smoothly right from the beginning.

Joohoney enthusiastically asked the audience, “Are you ready for the show?” They reciprocated his energy with their loud cheering. But, what he said next really got the audience going.

He then stated, “If you ready, baksu.” The audience lost their minds at hearing his viral phrase in person, their screams twice as loud as they had been before.

Even Hyungwon got caught in the hype and imitated Joohoney by saying, “Monbebe. Baksu.”

Just when the hype had died down for “Baksu” Joohoney, he gave it new life. This will definitely be a meme that lives on forever, especially with Monteen.