Bald Jaehyun Could Be A Look But Mark Isn’t Having It

He’s so handsome that it could work tbh.

During a Vlive, NCTzens commented the phrase “bald Jaehyun”. From the way Jaehyun‘s hat covered his hair and the pale blond hair that was visible blended into his skin, he could’ve easily passed for bald and NCTzens weren’t mad at the look. However, Mark wasn’t allowing it.


Mark quickly addressed the comments, asking why everyone wanted Jaehyun to be bald. He appeared very concerned about the matter.

He even stated that fans wouldn’t like it if Jaehyun was actually bald. But, NCTzens are claiming bald Jaehyun would be a look.

Jaehyun decided to ask NCTzens for himself if they’d like him bald, but Mark swiftly cut him off and stated that he wouldn’t even like a bald Jaehyun.

Clearly Mark isn’t okay with seeing Jaehyun without hair, but NCTzens wouldn’t mind it.

Whose side are you on? Team bald or team Mark?