BamBam Spotted With Black Hair In Thailand

He’s been sporting bleached blonde hair for GOT7‘s latest comeback, but it looks like BamBam has finally gone back to black!

While he seems to be able to rock any hair color, he’s finally gone back to his natural look and dyed his hair black again!

Towards the end of March fans spotted BamBam with his new hair and he couldn’t look more handsome!

Check out these photos of his new hair from his trip back home to Thailand!

He made an appearance on the ‘Today Show’ and looked so handsome!
His black hair brings out his attractive features!
It’s no wonder that fans love him with this hair color!
Doesn’t he look amazing?
Fans at the show were in for a treat!
The color really suits him!
He can definitly rock every hair color!

Fans also captured pictures of his new hair at a fan signing with the rest of GOT7!

He looks great!
We wonder how long it’ll be until he decides to change color again!

Are you loving BamBam’s black hair?