Bang Shi Hyuk reveals how BTS members have transformed since they were trainees

BTS really has come a long way since the beginning.

Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Shi Hyuk appeared on Good Insight and shared his insight as a successful producer of BTS and other K-Pop idols.


He opened up the discussion by saying, “I want to share what BTS and I attempted together to produce better music and performances.”

“About ten years ago when I came across the band Duran Duran, I was inspired. I wanted to produce a band that had the looks and the talent. I guess it was meant to be for me to produce an idol group.”
— Bang Shi Hyuk


Bang Shi Hyuk continued, sharing with the audience what he believes made BTS successful and how BTS members have changed since the beginning.


Bang Shi Hyuk explained that BTS is one of the most mentioned keywords on social media platforms and that he has been analyzing this since the group’s debut. He believes BTS’s open interaction and communication with the fans contributed greatly to its success worldwide.

“Everything is online and connected now. The trends in consuming digital contents have shifted. It is important for the artist and the agency to understand these changes in trends and adjust flexibly to the quick feedback.”


BTS’s successes cannot be solely attributed to their social media focus however, and Bang Shi Hyuk believes that in order to succeed in the global entertainment industry as a K-Pop idol, the group must come with the “total package” which includes good looks, strong talent in performing, trendy music, and well-made music videos.


Interestingly, despite the fact that BTS members are known to pay a lot of attention to detail in their performances, the crew weren’t always good dancers. BTS’s performance director Son Seong Deuk even revealed, “the members weren’t the greatest dancers to begin with. But they practiced and overcame themselves.”

J-Hope explained they would practice for 10 or more hours per day when they debuted. Now, they have the teamwork down and can wrap up a practice within 4 hours.


Ultimately, Bang Shi Hyuk revealed that he taught BTS not to think too much about records or sales. He wanted the members to focus on making good music and sending good messages out to the world.

“I never planned to produce a worldwide top artist. That wasn’t my goal. My entertainment agency wasn’t even mainstream. But I focused on creating something meaningful with talented members.”
— Bang Shi Hyuk


And, with that, a global super star group was born.

Source: Herald Pop