This Beautiful Taiwanese Flight Attendant Will Make You Want To Fly On Tiger Air

This Taiwanese flight attendant is blowing up on Instagram for her beautiful style.

Rita Kao is a flight attendant on Tiger Air and has quickly gathered thousands of followers on her SNS.

Rita loves to travel when she’s not working and shares all the exotic destinations she’s been to on Instagram.

Her followers are able to see her as she travels to Hong Kong, Thailand, and other beautiful places.

She’s a huge fan of Disneyland and other fun resort locations, traveling there often in her downtime!

According to her Facebook profile, she was born in 1991 and she is currently single!

Rita has gathered over 180,000 followers on Instagram and 55,000 followers on Facebook after going viral.

Her fans are calling Tiger Air lucky to have such a beautiful cabin crew member, even claiming to want to fly with the airlines more because of her!