These Are The Benefits Of Having The Famous “Celebrity Card” In Korea

Not many people know about the “Celebrity Star Card” that selected Korean celebrities receive from CJ E&M.

It’s a special card that the company gives to celebrities who starred on its programs, and comes with tons of benefits.

Card owners receive 2 free movie tickets every day, plus 50% discounts at all CJ restaurants and bakeries…

…such as Tour Le Jours, A Twosome Place, Bibigo, China Factory, and more.

Image Source: @bongdar

They also get 50% discounts at fancy Korean restaurants, such as Dadam, Mongjungheon Ferrum, and others.

Image Source: @well5

The card expires after a year, but based on the celebrity’s performance, CJ can extend or cancel their membership.

Source: The Qoo and JTBC