The Best And Most Touching Moments From THE BOYZ’s First Offline Concert In 2 Years

Things got very emotional.

THE BOYZ held their first offline concert in two years from December 3 to December 5, and no-one was more excited than THE BOYZ.


Having recently scored an award for “Best Performance” at the 2021 Melon Music Awards, THE BOYZ treated fans to their impressive performances and gave it their all. But what has touched The Bs the most has been both the funny and the heartfelt things that the members had to say upon ending the three-day concert.

There were plenty of playful moments, as the members were clearly enjoying being in front of a live audience again. Leader Sangyeon even poked fun at the group’s name, saying what many The Bs have probably thought before.

The members also played a game in which they had to correctly answer questions about each other, and no one was able to guess what Juyeon‘s first ever lie was! The answer: Juyeon told his mother that he didn’t play games at night when in fact he did.

There was a funny moment at one point in which Jacob sweetly hugged Sunwoo, but when he tried to remove his arms his sleeve got stuck on Sunwoo’s jacket. Sunwoo’s reaction was, as always, priceless.

Even when things got more emotional at the end of the concert, some of the members still couldn’t help poking fun at the others, which helped to lighten the mood.

Yet, even after teasing Younghoon for crying…

…Juyeon himself couldn’t help crying as well, and neither could other members.

For their ending words, some of the members chose to write letters.

But in the end they all had really touching things to say.

The shared sentiment between fans seems to be pride, since THE BOYZ have certainly come a long way.

Many of these moments have added weight when considering the fact that December 6 is the anniversary of THE BOYZ’s debut. Hopefully we get to see more of THE BOYZ’s live performances like this again soon, especially one in which THE BOYZ and their fans can celebrate their anniversary together in person!