The Best Way To Write A Noise Complaint Letter To Your Neighbor When Living Abroad

You can use this method anywhere.

Living in apartments anywhere can be tough. Often, no matter how well-built your apartment might be, short of sound-proofed walls, you will likely hear something you aren’t meant to hear or might be disturbed by a neighbor’s loud TV or music. This is especially true in countries like Japan, where apartments often have thin walls.

A Japanese Twitter user shared a letter they received from a neighbor earlier this month asking them to turn the volume down on their TV.

Receiving a complaint letter from your neighbor can be a stressful or even rage-inducing experience, depending on their approach, but 1837oshionoran’s neighbor found the perfect way to express their grievance while also staying friendly!

The letter, which they shared to their Twitter account reads as follows:

To (Redacted),

I’m your neighbor (redacted). I can hear your TV through the wall. I’d appreciate it if you could turn down the volume a little.

Also, I’m sorry if I’m mistaken but you were watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie: Rebellion last night, weren’t you? I’m also a Madoka fan. Thank you for your consideration.


— Letter from 1837oshionoran’s neighbor

While their neighbor was able to express their frustration, they also clearly communicated that they weren’t just being difficult, but it genuinely was just the volume of the TV they took issue with!

So, there you have it. The best way to address a noise complaint with your neighbor is to succinctly communicate the problem, while also showing that you’re not just someone who hates their music or shows.

Do you have a noisy neighbor? Will you try this method of communicating your thoughts?