BESTie’s UJi takes a break in Japan from her hectic schedule

BESTie‘s UJi has taken a trip to Japan! Her most recent photos posted on her Instagram account recounted her travel to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Universal Studios, and the New York City backlot.


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As UJi travelled from one spot to the next, many fans have commented on her health, telling her, “Kyoto is very hot. Please take care of yourself.”


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She even spent time with her little sister and mentioned how ‘tremendous‘ it is in her caption.

야! 타!

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She also took a tour to the backlot of Universal Studios, as she posed in font of the taxi and captioned her photo with “Hey! Get in!

잘나왔다헷 감사합니다?

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On the August 16th episode of JTBC‘s Girl Spirit, UJi performed her cover of EXO‘s “Love Me Right.” She claimed that she was worried about how her fans would react to her performance. Many netizens enjoyed her performance and stated, “Your cover of Love Me Right was amazing!