A Multi-Stan Legend Goes Viral For Rushing To Do A Videocall Fansign The Same Time As Another Bias’ Fan Meeting

It’s giving ✨priorities✨.

A multi-stan recently went viral on TikTok for her dedication to both her biases. Fangirling on one bias is already hard enough but two? This fan certainly has some game. A fan by the name of Vivellyn had gone to B.I‘s fan meeting in Singapore. The fan meeting was held on August 7, 2022. Not only did fans get to interact with B.I, they were also practically treated to a full-blown concert. He performed his hit songs for his fans.

As soon as the fan meeting was over, Vivellyn had to quickly step out of the arena ASAP. While most fans linger at the venue to bask in the afterglow, she had other priorities. Her videocall fansign with her other bias, ATEEZ, was scheduled on the same day and time as the fan meeting. She had already missed the first time they had called her. According to fansign rules, you only get two chances. If you miss the second call, you will not be called back.

Thankfully, she was able to pick up on the second call. She was spotted taking her turn on the stairs of the fan meeting venue.

Other fans at the venue coincidentally managed to get a glimpse of ATEEZ too!

She apologized for blocking the stairs after the crazy night was over. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

The night will certainly be a memorable one for her! What a multi-stan legend.