BIGBANG Seungri Reveals His Personal Methods To Introduce Korean Foods To International Friends

Seungri shares his secret to introducing foreigners to Korean food!

Seungri shared his personal method of introducing Korean food to his international friends on the popular food program Wednesday Food Talk.


Being the world star and CEO that he is, Seungri has friends from all around the world and he’s developed a special method of introducing them to Korean food in the most effective way.

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His food philosophy embodies “highs and lows”.


First, he shows them a side of Korea’s luxury by taking them to a high-quality restaurant.

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Only after hosting them to an elegant dining experience, does he take his guests to a traditional Korean restaurant to show them the taste of real, traditional Korean food.

“I particularly like Jongno, Chungmuro and the old-fashioned, worn-down ambiance of the local restaurants. I can say, ‘This place has a 60-year history. Feel the energy of 60 years!’ and  my guests really dig that.” — Seungri


The hosts praised him for his brilliant method, saying “You’re like a real guide”.


Seungri couldn’t help but add comments throughout the episode that had the hosts bursting with laughter. At one point when they were talking about webfoot octupus, he mentioned that he feels a sense of kinship towards the animal…

“It has a big head, like me. “ — Seungri


…And continued to compare himself to the octopus.

“Actually, I’m one of the members of BIGBANG that is filled with surprises. It seems as though the group will be fine without me, but in fact, if I’m not there, it feels empty. Webfoot octopus resembles this aspect of me too. It’s filled with surprises, literally.” — Seungri


Seungri has really been on a roll in the variety show scene these days!

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