This Is What Billboard K-Pop Columnist Jeff Benjamin Said About Meeting ITZY

ITZY wrote him a personal message

ITZY is currently in America at the moment and were invited to attend the 2020 Louis Vuitton Cruise Show, only months since their debut.

They made a splash at the event with their stunning visuals and gorgeous fashion, even meeting several high-profile celebrities like Joe Jonas.

To mark the occasion, Jeff Benjamin released an Instagram post where he recalled his first meeting with the rookie girl group.

Jeff Benjamin is well known for being a writer  for Billboard and is one of the leading journalists for K-Pop in the United States.

He revealed a photo that showed that ITZY had given him an autographed copy of their debut album “IT’z Different” and written a personal message to him, when he first met them in South Korea a few months ago.

Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for supporting us!! I hope you have a great time in Korea. We’ll always try our best to spread K-Pop around the world. Thank you!

Not only did the message showcase ITZY’s proficiency in English but it also underlined their gratitude and appreciative natures.

This was confirmed by Jeff’s Instagram caption.

I’m not sure how many journalists ITZY had met when I was in Seoul, but they were very polite but also really warm

It is awesome to know that despite debuting only a few months ago, ITZY is already impressing those they meet with their confidence and thoughtfulness.

While the first few times of being interviewed by a journalist may be intimidating to rookies, it seems like ITZY was able to pull it off with ease.

In particular, Jeff noted that Lia was the most talkative and initiated conversation with Jeff, even asking him about the food that he liked.

They made a really great impression on me. And of course, I loved their written message to me about trying their best to spread #Kpop around the world.

K-Pop has grown exponentially in its international outreach over the past decade and ITZY’s record-breaking debut shows that K-Pop’s momentum is just going to keep growing faster!

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Benjamin has posted about being impressed by an artist from JYP Entertainment.

He has previously posted about his fantastic meeting with the 3RACHA members of Stray Kids, appreciating how considerate and thoughtful they were.

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A special #FlashbackFriday for a special week: I was so lucky to be in Seoul in the final stages of @realStrayKids' new 'Clé 1: Miroh' album and got the privilege not only to hear some music early, but share my thoughts with the group's producers Bang Chan, Changbin and Han. It was a really awesome day where we just got to sit down, listen to and discuss music—a prefect day, in my opinion. I got a deeper understanding of Stray Kids' upcoming era and their new messages. I told you guys you made a brilliant song, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see my one tiny suggestion was in the final song (Do you guys remember? 🐘) • Thank you to #StrayKids and #3RACHA for trusting me, thank you to the @jypentertainment staff who reached out and thank you to #STAY for all your support. So excited this era is already proving to be SKZ's biggest yet with your #StrayKids1stWin and a ton of new @billboard chart accomplishments. • Head to the link in my bio or in my Story for more on Stray Kids' Billboard takeover. Thank you again! Here's a photo from that awesome day in JYP HQ.

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It’s clear that JYP Entertainment artists are some of the most courteous and considerate individuals!

Furthermore, Jeff hinted at something that he and ITZY may be working on.

Very excited to see them during their time in NY … more soon.

Since it looks like Jeff and ITZY will be meeting over the next few days, it looks like there might be some more ITZY-related content hitting Billboard soon, so keep an eye out!