Bingu T.O.P’s 6 Silliest Moments

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P may be a serious rapper, but, underneath the surface, he’s a total goofball who sometimes likes to live on the silly side of life.

When you’re in the public eye, it can be tempting to always act professional and cool. Idols like T.O.P, however, aren’t afraid to let loose and act silly every once in a while. With T.O.P enlisting in the military soon, fans will surely miss his quirky nature and childish sense of humor that’s earned him the nickname “Bingu T.O.P”.

Here are 6 of T.O.P’s silliest moments to remember him by:

1. That time he sang and everyone laughed

T.O.P has all the members of BIGBANG laughing as he sings their Japanese song  “声をきかせて” (Let Me Hear Your Voice).

2. That time he almost ate yellow snow

T.O.P got a little too adventurous while stuffing his face with snow during the filming of a North Face CF. He even was nice enough to feed Taeyang some too.

3. That time he started dancing like it was the ’20s

Move over Taeyang, there’s a new lead dancer in town. T.O.P shows off his unique dance moves during a MADE 2015 World Tour concert.

4. That time he sang karaoke in squeaky voice

T.O.P’s  tough-guy stage persona is transformed into a squeaky-voiced nerd while performing one of their first hits, “Lies” during karaoke.

5. That time he stole all the chips

T.O.P stuffs his hands with as many chip bags as possible. One can never have too many snacks!

6. That time he’d completely lost it

Enjoy T.O.P. being… Bingu T.O.P.!