Binnie Was Asked To Choose Between Arin Or Herself As “OH MY GIRL’s Short Hair Goddess”

They both look gorgeous with short hair! But who did Binnie choose?

OH MY GIRL recently participated in a Q&A interview with FANVATAR where they also did a fun round of the balance game!

For those who have never heard of the balance game, the game simply asks the players to choose between two options. During their interview, Binnie was asked whether OH MY GIRL’s “Short hair goddess” is Arin or herself.

Clearly, Miracles (OH MY GIRL’s fans) know both Binnie and Arin are goddesses in short hair, however, Binnie was able to quickly choose between her and Arin. Binnie claimed, “Short hair is me.” The girls giggled at her straightforward answer. From the side, Arin commented, “I’ll hand you first place.

Binnie explained she picked herself because of how lovely Arin looks with a longer hair length and that it adds to her charm.

It’s because there’s a thing called ‘Best.’ I think it’s long hair that can maximize Arin’s charm. I’ve only had a bob hair cut. So I’m still going to keep my bobbed hair as the ‘Best.’

— Binnie

Furthermore, Binnie expressed how she felt that if she didn’t choose herself, there wouldn’t be anything else that would fit her.

I don’t think there’s anything left for me…? If I can’t take a single shot with this one, (What am I…?).

— Binnie

Hyojung agreed that Binnie should be given the title of the “Short hair goddess” of the group since she’s had short hair for a long time.

She’s had short hair for a long time. I think it’s right for Binnie to take it.

— Hyojung

Disregarding the balance game, both Binnie and Arin are insanely beautiful with short hair! Just look at them!

Binnie | SSTV